LAST  year I ran the PR and media for one of the largest technology and virtual reality trade shows in the UK. I was lucky enough to meet and interview so many interesting and innovative people in the industry, starting a blog was never far from my thoughts. 

I have been a journalist and feature writer for 19 years, 10 of these on national newspapers, with my own gadget column for a short while. 

For the past six years I have split my time between feature writing and PR. But stories or clients with a tech flavour seem never far away.

I am fully aware that a tech blog is hardly ground-breaking and I have no idea if anyone will read what I have to say, but if you’re here now, I thank-you for stopping by.

I aim to carry interviews with people I come across in the industry, write features on various subjects that make it onto my radar and throw a few newsy pieces and reviews into the mix.

Please leave a comment, email me your press releases or news, or get in touch with any queries at –  I’d love to hear from you.